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Serbian institute of sport and sports medicine at the 34. World congress of sports medicine

High marks to our country: Sport & Medicine ranked Serbia in world society

Goran Bojovic, director of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, full of impressions returned from the international meeting in Ljubljana. Serbian Institute of of Sport and Sports Medicine received the highest marks at the 34th World Congress of Sports Medicine, which is organized by the International Association for Sports Medicine (FIMS) held in Slovenia.

- We had a presentation that was declared the best at the Congress. Also present were the French, Italians, Germans, Croats, Austrians, representatives of Hong Kong, Iran. All of them and many others have concluded that we are on the right track, while the President of the world Federation of Sports Medicine said that our Minister of Youth and Sports Vanja Udovicic and I are the most deserving that sports medicine in Serbia has survived, because all the countries in the region, mostly extinguished this institution - said Bojovic.

Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, as a Collaborating Center of FIMS, had eight representatives present at the Congress, and an associate of the Medical Faculty in Belgrade whose scientific-research in doctoral study is conducted at the SISSM.

"Our presentation opened the door to Serbia and Belgrade to host one of the next Congresses of FIMS. Sport, biomechanical analysis and medicine are closely linked, only one thread apart, and by combining these factors we get the right thing for professional sport. Our Institute is the only one where sports and medicine are closely linked, but we will continue to provide the best conditions for professional athletes. During our stay in Ljubljana we were guests of the Faculty of Sport in Ljubljana, where we were warmly welcomed. This is another sign of how appreciated we are, "said Bojovic.

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