The Republic Institute for Sports

Sector for specialized medical care of athletes and other participants in sports activities

More than sixty years long tradition is significant in creating the vision of importance of the Department for Sports Medicine in the formation of the national standards in the field of sports medical care of athletes.

Good working conditions and organization of work provide high productivity. Experts in many areas - sports medicine, cardiology, pulmonology, clinical doctors, nutritionists and biochemists form the team of doctors at the Institute.

Renovated facilities, located in the Košutnjak forest, within the city but outside the city hustle and bustle, uniqueness in providing many services, field testing, round-the-clock working hours as well as during weekends, make the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine a unique institution of sports medicine.

Services of the Department of sports medicine are well known to volleyball, water polo, handball, cycling, basketball and ski national teams, then to athletes of martial arts, who are participants of the competitions of the highest world ranking (Olympic Games, University Games, EYOF, the Mediterranean Games, etc.).

The name of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine is recognizable both in Serbia and in the region in the field of sports medicine and sports, through a large number of publications, seminars, sporting events and involvement in promoting a healthy lifestyle.

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