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Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine celebrated a jubilee - 60 years of existence and work

Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine celebrated 60 years of  existence and work at the  Palace of Serbia to mark a jubilee -60 years of existence and work. The event was attended by the most important people in the world of sport, medicine, politics, and many other important guests.

The host of the event, Director of the Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, Mr. Goran Bojovic,  presented awards and certificates of gratitude to  long-time associates and friends, and on this occasion thanked them for the successful cooperation.

”The phenomenon of our existence and work is reflected in a very simple formula- we are a traditional house of Serbian sport which has been functioning continuously for more than 6 decades by the most modern and highest standards. It is this synergy of traditional and modern, this outstanding balance of humanity, professionalism and ethics of the profession which makes the principles of our work and the basis of our success'' said the director of the Institute Mr. Goran Bojivić .

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