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Sports camp Karatas

Sports camp Karatas of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, which is located in the municipality of Kladovo, at the entrance to the Djerdap Gorge, has been a famous destination for specialized sports training for almost five decades.


The camp can accommodate 350 guests in six pavilions with double and triple bed rooms with bathrooms , nine suites and eight three bedroom bungalows. All rooms are equipped to provide maximum comfort for athletes. In each pavilion we can host 30 athletes. Pavilions also include a conference room where teams can have theoretical classes. The bungalows, which are well equipped, architectural fit well into the surroundings and folklore of this region.


Within the camp there are many indoor and outdoor facilities (sports hall, gym, swimming pool, archery range, bowling room, etc.)

Besides the outdoor fields, the Camp can offer basketball, handball, volleyball and soccer fields, then tennis courts, football field with artificial grass and sand volleyball court, open swimming pool and trim track.

Trim track is 1.200 meters long and 1 meter wide, with one exercise station with supporting equipment.

Sports hall offers the highest level of service in terms of variety of sports and recreational activities. The hall is equipped Tarafleks 'Gerflor' surface. In the sports halls guest can climb the highest in the Balkan artificial rock.

The Gym has everything a guest of the Camp might need for a workout, whatever sport they do. From treadmills, rowers and upright bikes to the state-of-the-art strength & conditioning section, one can get an all round workout here. At 250m2 we have two treadmills, trainers for the level thrust, for squats, for leg press, leg extension of the knee joint, for bending the knee, for adducts and abducts, rowers with free weights, Smith machine, lat machine, functional trainer and weights from 1 to 10 and from 12-32kg.

The gym is also equipped with a weightlifting platform, 5 Olympic bars and 600kg weights / plates. Next to the gym is a stretching room as well as modern changing rooms.

Youth camp KARATAŠ

Đerdapski put bb, Kladovo
+381 19 809 009

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