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Original articles
Vural, F., Rudarli Nalçakan, G., & Zeki Özkol, M.Vural, F., Rudarli Nalçakan, G., & Zeki Özkol, M.
Physical and physiological status in American football players in Turkiye
Scientific paper
Chryssanthopoulos, C., Kontzinos, K., Petridou, A., & Maridaki, M.
Nutritional intake of semi-professional soccer players during a week in the competitive season
Review article
Terrados, N., Calleja-González, J., Jukic, I., & Ostojic, S. M.
Physiological and medical strategies in post-competition recovery-practical implications based on scientific evidence
Case report
Armatas, V., Yiannakos, A., Papadopoulou, S., & Skoufas, D.
Evaluation of goals scored in top ranking soccer matches: Greek “SuperLeague” 2006-07

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