The Republic Institute for Sports

Diagnostics of athletes at the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine

Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine possesses top-notch equipment for morphological and functional assessment of the current state of the body. Tests performed on this equipment provide precise data which determines functional status of athletes.

All athletes undergo detailed medical examination at the Department for Sports Medicine and Sports Psychology to determine the state of health. Mandatory part of the examination includes a complete biochemical analysis of blood, anthropometric measurements, general medical examination, ECG. Standardized tests are performed on a stationary bicycle - ergometer and on a treadmill. The ergometric tests with continuous and progressive load increase determine maximal oxygen consumption, the level of physical fitness, the training zone, aerobic and anaerobic thresholds, lactate curve and blood oxygen saturation. The data obtained is of great importance for programming and individual training load dosage, as well as for monitoring the effects of training. Department for motor research and analytics in sports is equipped with OptoJump system that is used to assess motor skills and mechanical characteristics of muscle apparatus and it is based on a continuous emission and reception of signals between the photo-diodes. By applying different techniques of jumps, this device estimates repetitive and explosive strength of the legs, the speed of motor response and the level and quality of muscle fatigue. The center is equipped with state of the art wireless system photocell for time measurement. It is used for motor ability testing with the battery of tests to estimate speed and agility (sprint, repetitive sprint, lap times, T-test change of direction). This system is used both for field and laboratory testing. Besides this equipment the Institute also performs motor ability tests on the Isokinetic dynamometer, Fitmate pro and QualiSys system.

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