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Performing physical and motor ability tests at the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine

In addition to the sports medical examination (which consists of: biochemical blood tests, anthropometric measurements, ECG at rest, general medical examination, ultrasound of the heart, spirometry and ergospirometry) which is carried out at the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine, motor ability tests are performed by the experts in the Department of Motor Research and Analytics in Sports. The tests are carried out in the laboratories of the Department and, if necessary, in the field. Testing can be done at the fields of sports clubs and at sports camps.

After a thorough medical examination at the Department of Sports Medicine and Psychology, where they determine the medical condition of athletes, the athletes are then tested at the Department for Research and Analytics in Sports on the isokinetic dynamometer, and the motion capture system, QualiSys system.

The advantage of QualiSys system is exceptional flexibility and portability, which facilitates transport and setting up at various sports areas where the motion capturing can be performed in accordance with the specificities and needs of the relevant sport. This system is ideal for a wide range of sporting applications, which means that besides for the research purposes, it can be used for training in the training process, but also as a tool of great importance in the prevention of injuries in athletes. With the help of QualiSys system for motion capturing extremely accurate and completely objective quantitative data can be obtained for calculating joint angles, acceleration, torque, force, elasticity, deformation, body posture, balance and other important characteristics of the movement.

The isokinetic diagnostics is the process of assessment of neuromuscular function in which, with computer accuracy, in active motion, all the necessary parameters can be recorded(strength of certain muscle groups, torque, fatigue index, joint range of motion and actual work for specific muscle groups). Through a mathematical analysis of tests one can grasp a detailed insight into the state of joint function, relationship of agonists and antagonists and bilateral comparisons of muscle groups.

Experts of the Department of Motor Research and Analytics in Sports, perform both general and specific battery of tests on athletes both in the field and in the laboratory, which in the end gives a full insight into the motor ability status of athlete.

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