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In house seminar of the first category titled "Emergencies in sport"

Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine organized a first category seminar, titled "Emergencies in sport" at the premises of the Institute, at the outdoor swimming pool complex Košutnjak. The Health Council of the Republic of Serbia accredited the seminar (no. of accreditation A-1-847/16) for doctors, dentists, biochemists, nurses and medical technicians with 11 points for lecturers and 6 points for participants. It was accredited for 250 attendants and the attendance was free of charge.

The lecturers were Col. doc. Dr Milić Veljović, specialist in anesthesiology and intensive therapy, Col. Ass. Dr Dragan Djordjevic, specialist anesthesiologist reanimatologist, Col. Ass. Dr Ivo Udovicic, specialist anesthesiologist reanimatologist, Dr Rade Vukovic, specialist anesthesiologist reanimatologist, Primarius Dr MD Krasimirka Grujic, specialist anesthesiologist reanimatologist, Dr Irena Popović, specialist anesthesiologist reanimatologist, Dr Milica Milenkovic - Stanković specialist anesthesiologist reanimatologist, Dr Igor Vasković, specialist anesthesiologist reanimatologist, Dr Krstić Ivana Lazic, specialist anesthesiologist reanimatologist, Major Nebojsa Damjanovic, specialist anesthesiologist reanimatologist (all of the, from the Military Medical Academy in Belgrade) and ass. Dr Goran Vukomanović, pediatrician.

Among the speakers were two international instructors for BLS (Basic Life Support) and ALS(Advanced Life Support). After the completion of the theoretical part they did practical demonstrations on mannequins. The attendance has the opportunity to perform resuscitation and intubation on the mannequins. Interesting topics and excellent speakers made ​​this a highly attended seminar. It was attended by about 250 doctors, biochemists, dentists, physiotherapists, nurses, technicians and sports coaches, which lead to a very interesting discussion on various topics.

The seminar was covered by the media as well from SOS channel and Sportnetwork, and the seminar was sponsored by the friends of the Institute.

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