The Republic Institute for Sports


Our mission

-Develop policies and practices in order to finalize the process of institutionalization of stakeholders in sport;

-Initiate development of new policies, new bodies and networks working to improve professional sport, physical activity of all the citizens and health of young people;

-Acquire new skills and knowledge to improve the quality of work with top and other categorized athletes, young people and citizens of all ages;

-Provide expert and consulting services to government bodies in charge of the implementation of policies in the field of professional sport, sport in general and recreational activities of the citizens;

-Professionally interpret statistical and technical data obtained from R&D projects and professional work of the Institute to construct the proposal which aims to encourage professional sport, increase the physical activity of children and youth in order to develop healthy living and recreational activities for the public;

-Create high quality professional and educational material for clubs and professional organizations in sport;

-Intensively promote healthy lifestyle through physical activity, healthy eating habits

-Constantly contribute to the implementation of the standards and operations of professional bodies in the field of sport;

-Provide technical support to organizations in sports and sports practice;

-Monitor and apply the latest technical and scientific developments in the field of sports, technical analysis and research;

-Prepare valid information relevant to decision-making in the field of sport at the State level.

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