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Department of specialized medical care of elite athletes Košutnjak


• Checkup of top athletes, active participants in sport and recreational athletes

• Testing of professional and recreational athletes

• Verification of sports health card

• Checkup of referees of higher and lower rank

• Checkup of delegates, supervisors and trainers

• Checkup and issuance of certificates for registration in higher sports schools and sports academies


Sports-medical examination includes:

• Physical examination by system

• Anthropometry: measurement of body height, body weight, body composition –determining percentage of body fat, muscle, bone and water

• Electrocardiography (EKG)

• Spirometry

• Laboratory analysis of blood (complete blood count, sedimentation rate, biochemical analysis: glucose, urea, total cholesterol, triglycerides, transaminases, serum iron) and chemical examination of urine (appearance, color, pH, specific gravity, protein, glucose)

• Ultrasound examination of the heart

Functional testing - control of fitness• Determining aerobic working capacity through indirect method - Astrand test• Determining aerobic working capacity through direct method on a gas analyzer measuring the "breath by breath" ат the Institute or in the field• Determining anaerobic capacity - Wingate test• Determining anaerobic threshold by measuring lactates in the blood

Department of preventive and corrective gymnastics


• Identification of postural status

• Exercises for the prevention and correction of spinal deformity, chest and lower extremities

Department of preventive and corrective gymnastics began its work in March 2011 and is the result of cooperation between the Sector of Sports Medicine and the Sector of Motor Research and Analytics in Sport of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine. It was founded with the aim to establish, monitor and improve the postural status of children, youth and athletes, follow the development of motor skills of children, educate children and parents about the importance of early detection and prevention measures of postural deformities.

Checkups are performed by the specialistс in physical medicine and rehabilitation. They also determine postural status and set an exercise program for the prevention and correction of spinal deformity, and deformity of chest and lower extremities. The program is implemented by professors of sport and physical education in cooperation with the doctor in charge.


Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation • prevention, diagnosis and treatment of sports injuries and overtraining Department of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation was established in October 2011. Employees of the Department are a specialist in physical medicine and rehabilitation and a higher professional physiotherapist. The activities of this Department are diagnosis, prevention and treatment of sports injuries and other acute and chronic pain conditions in all categories of athletes and other participants in physical activities. The concept of physical medicine and rehabilitation is based on the elimination of these disorders and restoration of the function of the body of the patient to a state prior to illness or injury.The Department is equipped with modern apparatus for physical application of the following procedures: electrotherapy, magnetic therapy, laser therapy and ultrasound therapy. The Department is located in a spacious, well equipped room for kinesy therapy, manual massage, kinesio taping and other methods.


Sports directing of children – how to pick the right sport for your child Individual dosing of training to improve athletic performance, and based on the review and functional testing Psycho-diagnostics and assessment of psychological preparedness


Personality Profile• Motivation of athletes• Cognitive and intellectual abilities• Psychomotor reactions• Psychodynamics of sports teams - sociometry• Assessment of athlete burnout• Assessment of sports competitive anxiety• Assessment of general and sports self-esteem and self-confidence• Reports and recommendations

Working hours: 07:30-15:30 Phone: 011/460 3555 ext 160 You can schedule an appointment every working day from 10.00 to 14.30h

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