The Republic Institute for Sports



Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine is located in Belgrade, in Knez Višeslava Street number 72, in the heart of the Kosutnjak forest.

The facilities of the Institute are spread on the area of ​​43 hectares. The entire complex consists of two parts, the first with all the laboratories (laboratory of sports medicine, psychology, and analytics in sport, outdoors and indoors sports facilities and the Trim Hotel, and the second part of the complex is the open swimming pool complex, consisting of 5 swimming pools, restaurants and bars, and outdoor sports fields for volleyball and football.  

Because of the immense beauty of this oasis of peace amidst the city of Belgrade, and the benefits provided by the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports Medicine with regards to monitoring and control of training, many top athletes and their coaches, as well as many people who practice sports recreationally, consider the complex of the Serbian Institute of Sport and Sports medicine the best place for sports preparation.

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